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Just a little bit of background about myself. My name is Kerry Macri and I have been involved with vinyl pools and vinyl products since 1975. I started manufacturing vinyl products at Polyfabrics in the City of Orange, Ca at the age of 19. I quickly realized that I had a very creative ability and was made foreman within a year.

I started with making proto-types of all different kinds of Vinyl products.

Inflatable Blimps, Air domes, Lake Liners and In-ground Swimming Pool Liners. This led to me manufacturing Vinyl Liners exclusively from 1979 until 1988. I was doing the occasional liner installation in 1979 also. By 1988 I realized that I was gradually becoming an installer. I loved being outside and loved to look at the liners that I was manufacturing and installing. I focused my efforts on installing from 1988 until current. I felt that I had the ability to measure a liner to exact specifications for the manufacture due to my experience in manufacturing. I have manufactured thousands of liner and installed thousands. I feel my expertise is unprecedented.

I started Macri Vinyl Pool Repair in 2002 It is my goal to Install a perfectly fit custom made liner in your swimming pool.

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